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Exhibitions 2022

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You always think you are alone in this universe.  You are not. 

When Jain was confronted by the cruellest hand of fate, and was told she had incurable multiple sclerosis, she soon discovered all her wonderful friends had her back. Their eyes were on her. Every single day.  They surround her with love and reassurance.

This show is a result of all that encouragement and constant love.

Seek the eyes in the paintings…


Jain loves red. She spent many years in hot, Latin countries, and this shines through in the bold colour and lively temperatures of her paintings. She has lived, and studied all around the world: BSc.pure Maths Glasgow University; Art Instituto, San Miguel; Belles Artes, Mexico; private tutors for oils & watercolour USA & UK.

Her love of pure mathematics pours out of her art.   

Painting is her positive choice to beat the MS  demon. She hopes her work inspires other MS warriors to see a  creative way forward.


Abstract acrylics & oils are geometric & expressionistic.

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Image: Jain Larsen-Collinge

Jain Larsen-Collinge
"Eyes on You"
April 19th-24th 2022
Michael Harket_edited.jpg

Michael Harket
New Work
5th - 18th September 2022

The new paintings of Michael Harket
seem to be a gradual moving away from their original source - the landscape.
They are more the memory or felt-sense of place rather than the direct representation.
Abstract in the sense of an abstraction, composed as nature is composed in all its detail, variation and breadth.
At times vibrant and expansive.
At times still and silent.


Emma Lockhart
The Lost Children
2nd - 7th August 2022

My work is based upon the French fairy tale ‘The Lost Children’-Similar to fairy tales like Hop o'my Thumb and Hansel and Gretel. The Character in this story is lost; far away from home, and being hunted by her captor. Within this body of work, I wanted to highlight and capture the feeling of innocence, loneliness and the idea predator vs prey -or ‘the chase’-.within this collection I work with mainly with Lino print, reduction Lino print and acrylic paint. My lino prints take some inspiration from the wood etchings illustrations of fairy tales by Gustave Dore. My work is set in

Wistman’s Woods, Dartmoor, and I wanted to capture its mystical beauty within all my pieces.

The powerful nostalgia that is intertwined within us and fairy tales is something that I find 

deeply inspiring. Throughout My Childhood I had a fascination with fairy tales, The whimsical yet dark story’s were wonderful and frightening to me as a child. Working with fairy tales in my art is somewhat therapeutic to me as go through my transition from childhood to adulthood.

Eleanor Sass 1.jpg

Eleanor Sass
New Work
16th - 28th August 2022

Taking inspiration from the theme of everyday realism, I have produced a series of work that represents the often overlooked scenarios of everyday life.

Whether it depicts a commute, or basking in the sun, everyday realism is one of the most interpreted forms of visual language and arguably a vital tool for interpreting an ever changing society.

Having taught myself how to use oil paint during the first lockdown I am very proud to have produced a series of work predominantly using this medium.

Eleanor Sass 2022

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